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Thank you for booking Ebony & Ivory Hair Studios  for your services; hair or makeup! We will like to inform you of our guidelines so that all parties involved are both in agreement with how services are provided after booking. Please read below :

Cancellations: Can be done up to 24hours before being charged a $40.00 late cancellation fee. Please understand, a reminder text is sent for confirmation of the appointment. This allows you to make any accommodations if needed. Nonetheless, canceling in less than 24 hours leaves an open time slot that could have been filled.  

"No Call /No Show": This is defined as booking the appointment and not showing up without any warning. A "no call no show"will be charged up to 80% of the booked appointment. Time is of the essence! So as stated you can cancel up to 24hours, but not showing up has left a gap for the stylist and a lost opportunity for someone else to book. Please note, you would now be placed on a list that would need approval for bookings in the future. Your booked appointments in the future are not guaranteed.

Tardiness :  There is a 15 minute grace period for tardiness! A simple phone call or text is much appreciated rather than one who walks in inconsiderably late. Depending on how late you are, please be aware there may be an additional charge if you still wish to be serviced. Tardiness does not guarantee you still have your time slot, however, if the stylist can still fit your in around her other appointments, it will be up to the stylist discretion. 

THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL GUEST: Unless you are being serviced, there are no additional guest to accompany you to your appointment. Seating is limited, so we wish to leave seats to those who are scheduled to be there. This includes children, spouses or significant others. 


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